Koi Auction and Koi Pond Supplies

Koi Auction

Visit the Koi Auction

Join in on the fun of Auctions everyday! From stunning Imported Japanese Koi, to bargains on pond supplies and more!

You are sure to want to watch these auctions on a regular basis.

Got something to sell? Sign up today, and start listing today! It's that simple.

Koi Pond Equipment

Visit our Store Eastern Koi & Waterscapes

Eastern Koi is celebrating nearly two decades in the Koi and Water Garden business!

We feature Hand-Selected High quality Koi imported direct from Japan, and we offer Pond maintenance service.

We truly are your one-stop shop for all your koi pond and water garden needs.

Koi Pond Supplies

Here you will find all the essentials for good Koi health and poond maintenance.  This section is designed to give you quick access to all the things you will want on a regular basis, and some items the will certainly enhance your Koi Pond Enjoyment.